Please remember that last good coffeeshop cup of coffee you had. The warm feeling; the rich, full taste in your mouth; the aftertaste you savor for a long time… Wow! That was great isn’t it? You had had many chances to see the barista make a wonderful preparation, but: do you know how the coffee was raised?

Are you aware that the acidity comes from growing the plants in high altitude?

Do you know anything about the people who grow the plants and harvested by hand the coffee fruits?

Let’s try to understand where the coffee comes from by understanding where and who produces it.

Let’s see coffee production from the farmer’s point of view.

To produce extraordinary coffee, you must be in the coffee fields, as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug said: “In order to produce, you need to get out of the offices, go into the fields, get your hands dirty and sweat...

It is the only language that the soil and the plants understand"